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  Hi Nancy & Steve,

   Bud is 6 months old today.   We got him neutered today and he is doing well.   We love him very much (so does everyone else that sees him). 

I'm sure I can't come up with anything original about him.   I know that everyone that gets one of your puppies tells you that their dog is the greatest thing ever!   His temperament is wonderful.  

Bud went to puppy training class at 3 months, and I've just enrolled him in the next level of training.   His favorite game is keep away.   He loves sleeping on his back *spread eagle* on the couch or right in the middle of the kitchen floor.   

We got him groomed a couple of weeks ago.   I'm attaching a couple of pictures.  

I hope you all are doing well. Thanks so much for our wonderful dog. 

Kasey and Jeff Edmiston
Brynna, Kamden, Teagan 
& Budreaux St. Doodle
Dear Nancy and Steve,

we wanted to give you a short update on our puppy Argo.  He is doing so well.  Tomorrow he will be 6 months old, and we will have had him a month, and we could not be happier.  He has changed our lives so much, and is already a complete part of the family.  He's a great leash-walker, fantastic at heeling and sitting.  We are planning on enrolling him in beginner classes for older puppies this month.  He was neutered last week on Tuesday and has recovered well.  He absolutely haaaaated the cone/Elizabethan collar, and we had one very sleepless night in which he wore it.  We've instead made him some pants out of an old t-shirt (you can see them in one of the attached pictures), and he hasn't nibbled at his stitches since.  He got his Rabies and his Bordetella, and we found a vet who, like you, goes with the 'less is more' approach to vaccines.  Argo has already munched through his first 20lb bag of Life's Abundance, and is starting his second today.
We saw on your website that more of his sisters have been sold, and that you have a brand new litter of tiny squirming doodles.  Congratulations!  We are thrilled for you, because if Argo is any indication, they will be (very big) beautiful and intelligent cuddle-bears.  Argo has grown so much since we brought him home.  He's a complete urban dog now, who goes on long walks on the National Mall and through the White House (first picture!), and is not at all fazed by the cars he used to be so terrified of just a few weeks ago.
We've attached some pictures so you can see how well he's doing.  We love him so much, and wanted to thank you for making the process of adopting him so seamless.  We think you are a fantastic breeder, and wanted to thank Steve for the Puppy-101 Course he gave us.  It made us feel so much more at ease.

Best wishes,

Marcella and Blake