Doodle Sizes Explained 

Q: Do Goldendoodles come in different sizes?

A: The short answer is "No."

While there are breeders who claim that they can guarantee sizes for a Miniature Goldendoodle, the reality is that even if the sire is a toy poodle the "large breed" gene can crop up at anytime. A breeder could have pups from the same litter come out in all different sizes. Also if any breeder tries to claim that they can guarantee the size because of artificial insemination, do not believe him. Could you imagine if your doctor told you that he could guarantee the size your baby would be if you were artificially inseminated? Size is determined by Mother Nature, and you can't fight her!

It has just came to my attention that some breeders are breeding Golden Retrievers to Cocker Spaniels,, REALLY? those are not even Goldendoodles anymore!!! Why would they do that? Just for size? the temperaments of the Cockers and NOTHING that i would ever want in my program I breed and raise our pups with service and therapy in mind, and I will not bring down those standards to just be able to say they are minis. I am saddened that they are even going that route and selling these dogs as doodles!

For one thing, Goldendoodles are, after all, hybrids between a large breed and various sized Poodles. For another matter, there are numerous dangers to the health of the pups. Aside from possible growth issues, Mini-Goldendoodle's physiology could be disproportionate, with longer backs and shorter legs, which that in itself will cause health issues!

If someone tries to sell you a Miniature (or the latest trend "Micro") Goldendoodle, run the other way! Many breeders are infusing the doodle-mix with spaniels and terriers, which have temperaments that are ill-suited to public service or therapy work (or even as family dogs!)

A breeder that tells you ,, "I have bred down to get my goldendoodles this size",, well that means they have bred back to the smaller in the litters, breeding doodle to doodle, which can  cause even more issues too numerous to address here,

Bottom Line, in the long run In my and other opinions, There is no reason to pollute this wonderful breed, for the sake of breeding a smaller dog. Be sure to visit our Goldendoodle page for more information on this wonderful breed.

Q: What about e, are they more consistent in size?

A: Yes, definitely. Australian Shepherds come in 3 sizes (Toy, Miniature  & Standard).Just like the Poodles!! 

 Golden Retrievers come in one size only Large!

The Mini Mediums are about the size of  a Miniature Collie, just more hair 

 We were breeding Mini-Australian Shepherds 20 years ago, it is simply a matter of breeding a smaller female with a smaller male. The average size ended up around 20-30 lbs and 13"-16" at the shoulder. While we breed all sizes of Aussiedoodle, our Mini/Medium Aussiedoodle puppies mature to 25-45 lbs and 14"-18" at the shoulder. The perfect size! (See our Aussidoodle page for more information on sizes.) Join Our Aussiedoodle Group

  • Toy/Small Miniature   11"-16"@shoulder, under 30lbs Aussiedoodles Only   I do not recommend this size for families with children under 10yrs old, the puppy can get injured to easily. 
  • MINI /Mediums   (Moyen/Medium) 16-20"@shoulder avg 30-45 lbs Aussiedoodles Only (moyen)  About the size of a Miniature Collie,, the perfect size!! Different sizes can be produced in the litter as well
  • Some Goldendoodles have potential to be  under 19" no guarantees
  • Standard Over 20" at the shoulder 40lbs & UP>       Goldendoodles & Aussiedoodles come in this size
The sizes are not guaranteed of course, Mothers normally determine the size of their offspring,
They are based on parents sizes and are our "best guess". 
We try to be as close to the adult size as possible,  All Depends on how the genes fall per pup in every litter,,,

If you have size restrictions that you need to meet where you live, we recommend an Aussiedoodle. 

Their shoulder height and weight are much easier to predict.

Q: What is a Moyen size?

A: We use Moyen poodles in our breeding program. The Moyen Poodle falls in between the Minature and the Standard Poodle in size. They are not an official AKC size variation, however they are a CKC size and are popular outside the United States.  Normally one parent is a miniature the other a standard

Size depends on how the genes fall in every puppy in each litter, No gurantees 

In the Doodle world, most breeders will call any doodle under 22" at the shoulder a miniature . We here At doodlesville do try to narrow the size range to be a bit more accurate.

The sizes are NOT guaranteed of course, 
They are based on parents sizes and are our "best guess". We try to be accurate as possible 
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