MOM> Sierra    DAD> Chester

Born:August 6   Ready:October 1,2015

Medium/Standard Goldendoodle Puppies

appx 45-55lbs  when grown,, Appx 20"at shoulder


IMPORTANT ,,,,Please email me in confirmation of Your Scheduled Pickup appointment  

Godley Family WHITE Ribbon Female 

 Kohler Family YELLOW Ribbon Female

 Mainien Family PINK Ribbon Female 

Chatley FamilyPURPLE Ribbon Female

 Keeter Family BLACK Ribbon Female

 Werner Family ORANGE Ribbon Female

 Attention All New Puppy Parents

Once Confirmed for a puppy in this litter the balance is due, 
No exceptions 
This confirms your puppy so please get this out immediately
If not received in a timely manner , 
the pup is put back on the market 

These pups are ready October 1st 

We have several litters ready the same day please be flexible in pickup dates , 

Appointment Time is 12Noon Daily 

 You have time to ask for time off and plan ahead for this pickup date  set up your pickup date soon 

our times and days fill quickly

Weekdays are easier to get 


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  • Use ONLY links below to order food and supplements treats etc
  • Have Expen and crate in place for pups arrival,(you can purchase these at petsmart if not enough time to order
Why Lifes Abundance >
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Read the  pickup Info page 

Have you set up your pickup appt yet?
 Our times fill quickly call soon

Our appt times fill quickly Weekdays are Preferred , There should be ample time to adjust your schedule to set up a week day appt to pickup your puppy,  appt times are at 12 Noon daily.  Please call to set up your pickup day as soon as possible,, thanks

  • Food and Supplement ,
  • Using only links provided Orders must be confirmed on our end  before pickup or puppy will not be released

Large Breed Puppy System Get the Large  (bigger bag) auto ship every 3 weeks you always want to have a backup bag available you can always adjust auto ship later

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 Important Orientation Information

  • Orientation Lasts at least 2hrs,, We can not and will not be rushed, this is to help you start your puppy off right,, 
  • No Children Young children Please , They have trouble sitting thru the orientation and can distract the entire process.
  • Have Crate and Expen Set up for pups arrival!! this is a HUGE part of our training, Expen and crate Pictured below! You can get these at Pet Smart  Large wire crate (36") and 36" tall Expen.
  • Have Food and Supplements ordered using ONLY links provided below, I must be able to verify these orders or puppy will NOT be released

 Set up expen and crate (click on confinement) as pictured for puppies arrival this is a huge part of our Orientation Training. Please follow instructions

Please have in place for puppies arrival.. 
Do not close a pup up in just a crate, that is like putting a diaper on a baby and daring them to use the bathroom, 

IMPORTANT >> Review the pickup Info page

 Attention All New Puppy Parents

Once Confirmed for a puppy in this litter the balance is due, 
No exceptions 
This confirms your puppy so please get this out immediately
If not received in a timely manner , 
the pup is put back on the market 
 If you have NOT made Your pickup appointment yet Please call me ASAP our times are filling quickly 
Weekday appts  are easier to get please make prior arrangements
Review the pickup info page
  • IMPORTANT>Have Expen and Crate in Place for pups arrival,  (you can order then our amazon store below) this is a huge part of the training portion of our Orientation, please follow directions READ PICKUP INFO 

Lifes Abundance food and supplements are required and order will be verified before puppy released See Below

    • Lifes Abundance Info  see Video below,, Use this Link Only to order , order at least a  20b bag of puppy food ,Auto ship every 2 weeks, you never want to run out of food, have one on back up ,,Questions dont assume call TREATS > We recommend the buffalo bully sticks and the Porky Puffs from Lifes Abundance they are highly digestible 
    • Pet care Products from Lifes Abundance are a great choice >> (ear cleaner, shampoo) 100% Money Back Guarantee 
    • Our Amazon Store, Click here Expen & Crate, Toys hand picked safe for puppies, and Herbal Treatments/Prevenatives
Review ,,if you have questions we will  address them at time of orientation
 CALL Steve for directions if you do not have his number yet call me,,

Make sure ALL is ordered and in place for pups arrival or puppy will not be released
use ONLY links provided on the pickup info /resources page, Please read both pages thoroughly!!!

 All Puppies come with a  Full 2yr Guarantee and Limited Lifetime guarantee,  24/7 Assistance

We do NOT ship our babies, shipping is entirely too stressful and can be fatal, we do not take any chances

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