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    • Life's Abundance Food**  I HIGHLY recommend the Healthy Start pack ,, this give you all  you need food supplements treats, ear cleaner shampoo, Best value, Order the LARGE bag of Food I use the ALL stages  for the Large breeds I do recommend the Large breed system ,, Get on Auto ship  for once per month this saves you a additional 15% ,along with the larger bag saves even more Only Available Online Use this link only, we must be able to confirm your order, This is the BEST food i have ever used, I See the result since i have been feeding this food to our dogs! If link not working Call Me at home, or , The Company Phone 877-387-4564 Hours 8:00 AM to 7:00PM EST M-F  **Your Referral Code is> 20058012 You MAY order the supplements from Lifes Abundance if you wish, I use Nuvet supplements below
    • NuVet Dog Supplements**Only Order using this link> or Call 800-474-7044- Referral Code: 48137  We must be able to confirm your order. If you have order Lifes abundances supplements do not order these
    • Crate and Ex-Pen toys, supplies Walk About Pet leash ,  Here you will find toys and supplies, which I have hand picked and feel are safest for puppies Click on links on the Amazon Store to order

    Use only links above to place Your  orders, I must be able to verify food and supplement orders

    Note: Auto ship is required for Food & Supplements above for limited lifetime guarantee to be valid

    Below are products that i highly recommend

    • Pet Protector Flea and Tick Tag:  This is a wonderful SAFE product  to  KEEP fleas and Ticks off your pet Use as Directed Keep disc on pet year round.  Click on above link and watch the video!!! I'm Thrilled with this!!! (This product is HIGHLY recommended, Not required) (you may also like the shootag which is in our amazon store, however the Pet protector is smaller and the one pet protector tag covers both fleas and ticks.
    Why do I require specific food and supplements?
    Because I KNOW they work, I KNOW they do what they say they say!!,
    If I am giving the FULL support and the lifetime guarantee  I choose to give,,
    I need to make sure that YOU are doing your part by giving  ONLY the best to your puppy.
    I refuse to stand behind such a guarantee if you are feeding food KNOWN to be too fatty, unhealthy food, with known Cancer causing  ingredients . Quite a bit of store bought foods have had numerous recalls.
    Life's Abundance has Never had a recall, it is formulated by one of the Top Holistic veterinarians in the country.

    Watch the Video Below and you tell me!!!!!
    Of course you can choose to feed whatever food you wish, Your  2yr Guarantee  does still apply .under certain stipulations
    You MUST order at least one bag of Lifes Abundance  because a puppy will get sick from changing  from a  quality food to a substandard food and can die.I will not release pup if you do not order a bag
    Note: Auto ship is required for Food & Supplements, for Lifetime guarantee to be valid.
    Please visit our Amazon Store for Safe Hand Picked Supplies for your puppy,
     including Expen and Crate, Safe Toys, Bowls, Books, Natural Herbal Treatments, etc
     Click here


    Rather giving Poisons to your pet everyone to prevent heartworms why not go the natural way.

    I highly recommend Amber Technologies HWF you may google them

    The New Aussiedoodle Book!!!!
    Get yours today!!
    Not your average cut and paste Book,
     This book is chalked full of Valuable information to assist you in your search!!

    Doodlesville Aussiedoodles are Featured  throughout the book! Enjoy!!! 
    CLICK PICTURE above to Order

     Additional Resources

    The Doodle Shop - Click Here

    Supplies ,Toys , Crate, Exercise Pen, Grooming, Hand-Picked and Tested by Your Breeder

    Visit our Amazon Store for Safe Hand Picked Supplies for your puppy,
     including Expen and Crate, Safe Toys, Bowls, Books, Natural Herbal Treatments, etc


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    Below I have found some already mixed tinctures for specific health issues, worms, coccidia/giardia treatment  ,,etc

    • Kocci Free is a Treatment for Coccidia and for Giardia and my experience is it worked in less the half the time of the normal treatment of Flagyl for giardia .. Honestly I was shocked at how quickly it cleared up the diarrhea (and i mean projectile diarrhea)   
    • Kennel-Koff,, All i can say is WOW,,, Chester got a cold (which is what kennel cough is) this past winter,, I made his a mint tea with honey and added his drops of Kenel koff as directed withint 3days he was cured and no one else got it,, !!!!

    Read the descriptions,, Follow the Directions, and they WORK!!

    Folks these remedies work!!! PERIOD, 

    You Do HAVE choices that are at times safe ones,Use them first !!!!

    Some Books I love go to Amazon store click on books
    Be the Pack Leader
    This is one of my favorite books to get you into the Mind Set of a dog, how a dog thinks.
    With that knowledge you can accomplish anything,

    The main goal is to  not create issues that have to be corrected later
    The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care
    A 524 page comprehensive guide that covers first aid, diet, supplements and holistic remedies, an A-to-Z reference of natural treatments, and more! Nancy's TOP Choice
    Herbs for Pets
    Offers step-by-step instructions on how to find, prepare, and use herbs to treat common pet ailments, as well as detailed descriptions of each herb, including history, appearance, and applicability for use with animals.
    Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
    This groundbreaking guide to natural and holistic pet care also includes a quick-reference section on animal illnesses.
    The Nature of Animal Healing
    Dr. Goldstein, a well-known holistic veterinarian, explains exactly what holistic veterinary medicine is and how it works. Includes an exhaustive A to Z guide of pet ailments--and the best course of action.
    Veterinarians' Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs
    A guide to the vast world of natural healing methods, treatments, and foods now available for dogs. Ofers advice from dozens of holistic practitioners and veterinarians, who share recipes, insights, and "prescriptions."
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