Goldendoodle puppies

MOM: Sarah         DAD: Jake 

Born May 4   Ready June 29 

Pickup for this litter is June29 at 12Noon .... we have plenty of time to get time off and be able to pickup on this day,, thank you

MOM Picture soon 

Apricot Poodle

Dad Jake 

 Send LIST Of 4 pups based Ribbon Color in the order you like them, we will then Match puppies with Families >Please include what you are looking for in your perfect puppy, children w/ages

SOLD Taylor Family>Red Ribbon Female 

SOLD Willis Family> Yellow Ribbon Female 

SOLD>Choudhur Family>Pink Ribbon Female 

SOLD>Gwynn Family>Purple Ribbon Female 

Male Sold to Cragg Family

Dark Male Nancys pup

Attention All New Puppy Parents

Once Confirmed for a puppy in this litter the balance is due, 

No exceptions 
This confirms your puppy so please get this out immediately
If not received in a timely manner , 
the pup is put back on the market 

 If you have NOT made Your pickup appointment yet 
Please call me ASAP our times are filling quickly 
Weekday appts  are easier to get please make prior arrangements

Review this page, Use ONLY links on this page to order your supplies we do verify orders

  • IMPORTANT>Have Expen and Crate in Place for pups arrival,  (you can order then our amazon store link below) this is a huge part of the training portion of our Orientation, please follow directions 

Lifes Abundance food and Nuvet supplements are required and order will be verified before puppy released See Below

Read the PICKUP page Click here

    •  Use ONLY the links Below to order,  order Large Bag of food ,Auto ship every 3 weeks, you never want to run out of food, have one on back up ,,Questions dont assume call
    • Supplements  we Like Nuvet Supplements we have used them for 12yrs with great results Link Below
    •  TREATS > We recommend the buffalo bully sticks and the Porky Puffs from Lifes Abundance they are highly digestible 
    • Pet care Products from Lifes Abundance are a great choice >> (ear cleaner, shampoo) 100% Money Back Guarantee 
    • Our Amazon Store, Click here Expen & Crate, Toys hand picked safe for puppies, and Herbal Treatments/Preventives
Review ,,if you have questions we will  address them at time of orientation
 CALL Steve for directions if you do not have his number yet call me,,
Make sure ALL is ordered and in place for pups arrival or puppy will not be released
use ONLY links provided on our website, !!

Make sure ALL is ordered and in place for pups arrival or puppy will not be released 


    Must Have ordered for pups arrival
      Lifes Abundance food &supplements are required and order will be verified before puppy released 

      • Lifes Abundance Info  , Use link on your litter page When you order your food, The LARGE  bag  food is recommended this saves you$

      • Our Amazon Store,Click here  There you will find Expen & Crate, Toys hand picked safe for puppies, Herbal meds
      • Pet Insurance > Click here
      • We do verify all orders before pup is released

 Why do I require specific food and supplements?

Because I KNOW they work, I KNOW they do what they say they do. If I am offering support and a lifetime guarantee, I need to make sure that YOU are doing your part by giving  ONLY the best to your puppy.
I refuse to stand behind my guarantee if you are feeding food KNOWN to be too fatty, or unhealthy. Life’s Abundance has NEVER had a recall, it is formulated by one of the Top Holistic veterinarians in the country. We stand behind this company 100%!

Auto ship is required for Life’s Abundance Food & Supplements  for lifetime guarantee to be valid

Our Amazon Store, Click here 

Expen & Crate, 
Toys hand picked safe for puppies,
 and Herbal Treatments/Preventives


 Why an Ex-Pen and Crate? 

  • We have found this to be the best way to train a Puppy!
  • You NEVER want to close a puppy up in just a crate- this is like putting a diaper on a baby and daring them to use the bathroom.
  • Gating off an area is not safe. They can chew on floors, rugs, baseboards etc, and have to have emergency surgery- this has happen too many times  I NEVER want it to happen again!
  • the Ex-pen and Crate gives the pup his/her own space that is safe. Do NOT use wee wee pads -Newspaper ONLY!!!!

After over 35 yrs raising and training dogs & puppies, we have found this to be the best + safest method available. I never want to have to rehome another dog due inexperience or someone who is not willing to use this method, because they think they know it all. Everything we recommend is tried, tested, and approved! This will ensure a great transition for you and your pup and create a great training relationship that will serve you now and for your pup’s lifetime.

What to Put under pen to protect your floors? // Call Steve for information on what + where to purchase.
(this will go under the expen area– 4×4 , setup and confirm the measurement of your area -I suggest getting a bit bigger, along with 4 small bricks to hold in place)


  • Newspaper (if in smaller car make sure trunk is clean for ride home)
  • Paper Towels
  • Disposable Table Cloth
  • Towels
  • Travel Bowl
  • Bottled Water
  • Travel Crate or Carrier
  • Toys