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DO NOT complete this form unless you have completed the Puppy Adoption Screening Process!

 You will need to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  •     You have completed the Puppy Adoption Application.
  •     You have completed the Phone Interview.
  •     You ready to pay your deposit to secure your position on the wait list.
  • complete the AGREEMENT .. click submit
  •     You have been authorized by Doodlesville Doodles to sign and submit the Purchasing Agreement. (The puppy is on hold for you or your spot on the list)
  •     You have read the Purchasing Agreement in its entirety and agree to all of the terms.  

See pickup info page for the required food and supplements in order to get our Limited Lifetime guarantee~!

  • Answer ALL Questions Below do NOT leave any blank please,, thank you
  • DO NOT complete this until you have advised Nancy you are ready to reserve a puppy,  and we have put a courtesy hold On the puppy you want or the slot on the wait list.
  • Make sure you are ready to commit to a puppy! and you understand all conditions set forth on this page
  • Once completed there is**** NO Refund's on any deposits. ****Please do not ask
  • Problems?? Email me I can send you a direct link 

Email Once all completed

DO NOT use ECHECK for your payment, ONLY use credit card or debit 

THIS DEPOSIT IS NON REFUNDABLE, so Make SURE you are Understand all Policies,Before you send in your deposit,, There are NO exceptions 

 we are the breeder for you,,

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Email once all completed I will then confirm receipt