IMPORTANT:  DO NOT complete this form unless you have completed the Puppy Adoption Screening Process! You will need to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  •     You have completed the Puppy Adoption Application.
  •     You have completed the Phone Interview.
  •     You have paid (or are ready to pay) your deposit of $312.00 to secure your position on the wait list. complete the application click submit
  •     You have been authorized by Doodlesville Doodles to sign and submit the Purchasing Agreement. (The puppy is on hold for you or your spot on the list)
  •     You have read the Purchasing Agreement in its entirety and agree to all of the terms.  

 Purchasing Agreement and Deposit
In submitting this Purchasing Agreement, I certify that I have completed both the Puppy Adoption Application and Phone Interview, and have hereby been approved to adopt a Doodlesville Doodle.

  • I understand that Doodlesville Doodles will reserve a place for me on their puppy adoption waiting list for an upcoming litter of the breed as specified below.
  • Upon being placed on said waiting list, I understand that I shall be placed on the list in the order in which my deposit was received.
  • I understand that once a litter is born and my name comes up on the list, I will be contacted by Doodlesville Doodles and offered an appropriate puppy of their choosing. At this time I may either accept or decline the offered puppy.
  •  I understand that should I decline the offered pup, I will remain on the waiting list until the next available litter. My deposit will expire if I have not chosen a puppy within one year of the date I digitally signed the Puppy Adoption Agreement. 
  • I understand that should I accept the offered puppy, I while have 7 days to pay the remaining balance on my account. If Doodlesville Doodles does not receive my final payment, by 11:59 PM on the 7th day from puppy confirmation, and I have made no attempt to contact Doodlesville Doodles within this time period, I shall forfeit my claim to the selected puppy.
  • I understand that Doodlesville Doodles does not guarantee delivery on the date(s) I have requested for receipt of puppy, and is not responsible for issues regarding conception, number of puppies in the litter, or any other delays in my receipt of puppy by my chosen date(s). I understand that Doodlesville has No control over conception rate, etc
  • I assume responsibility for any issues, should they arise, in my personal or professional life that would prohibit me from receiving a puppy when one becomes available.
  • I do not hold Doodlesville Doodles accountable for any potential conflicts on my part or theirs. I understand that all deposits, once they have been submitted, are non-refundable. 

Note it is to your advantage to be flexible in your preference for size, color and sex of your upcoming puppy choice. 

Answer ALL Questions Below do NOT leave any blank please,, thank you

DO NOT complete this until you have advised Nancy you are ready to reserve a puppy,  and we have put a courtesy hold On the puppy you want or the slot on the wait list.

Make sure you are ready to commit to a puppy!

Once completed there is NO Refund's on any deposits. Please do not ask

Problems?? Email me I can send you a direct link 

Email Once all completed

DO NOT use ECHECK for your payment, ONLY use credit card or debit card, THANK YOU

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