Here are some Herbal Remedies that I have had such great results using,
I hope you find them as beneficial as I have

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All  the recommendations on this site are based on experiences we have gone through
and what has actually worked for Us

We are not responsible for the results that you get using the same treatments we recommend. It is up to you to make a informed decision by doing your own research,  YOU have the benefit of google too. Find a Naturalpathic Vet in your area, They are are out there you just need to ask  or Google to search for one. We are happy to help in any way we can.

 Below I have found some already mixed tinctures for specific health issues, worms, coccidia/giardia treatment  ,,etc

Diatomaceous earth (DE)> Worms,Parasites Fleas/Ticks the list is endless Use as directed *Food GRADE ONLY

Vibactra Plus  exceptional antibiotic alternative click on product for more uses

Kocci Free is a Treatment for Coccidia and for Giardia and my experience is it worked in less the half the time of the normal treatment of Flagyl for giardia .. Honestly I was shocked at how quickly it cleared up the diarrhea (and i mean projectile diarrhea)   

Kennel-Koff,, All i can say is WOW,,, Chester got a cold (which is what kennel cough is) this past winter,, I made his a mint tea with honey and added his drops of Kenel koff as directed withint 3days he was cured and no one else got it,, !!!!

Urinary/Kidney help and Info

Read the descriptions,, Follow the Directions, and they WORK!!

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Folks these remedies work!!! PERIOD,,  You HAVE choices that are HEALTHIER ones, Use them first !!!!

Note>The Product Labeled   HWF is a treatment for Heartworms , not a preventative just so you know Please use the Heartworm Protect product below

Top Choice for Heartworm Protection

Only Natural Pet HW Protect Herbal Formula offers an herbal alternative to the chemical heartworm prevention methods available, without the degree of side effects that have been documented with their use. Chemical heartworm preventatives work by continual administration of a low dose of insecticide to kill any developing microfilariae (microscopic sized baby worms) in the animal’s bloodstream. Herbal preventatives work in a similar fashion, using herbs instead of pesticides. NEITHER method kills adult heartworms, so regular testing for heartworm, at least every 6 months, is absolutely necessary regardless of what method you choose for prevention.

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