Doodlesville Doodles Puppy Adoption Application 

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Thank you for your interest in adopting a Doodlesville Doodle puppy. 

Before completing your application, 

please read our Policies Page,  and  FAQ,  thoroughly, 

Most questions are covered there.  Including Shipping, Guarantee  etc

I am so sorry Our policies are in place fora reason  

if they are not acceptable Please do not waste my time or yours

Please do NOT message me, email me etc for just the price

 Prices Vary and are discussed at time of Phone interview

REVIEW the entire site Start at the FAQ page link at top of page

This will help you make a informed decision on the purchase of a puppy and we are the  right breeder for you before we begin the Puppy Adoption Process. 

     Throughout the Puppy Application you will be asked a series of questions designed to help me better assist you in your quest for the perfect puppy. The information you provide helps me get to know you and your family, and in turn helps me determine the pup that is best suited for your home environment. 

    This information also allows me to have your contact information in one place, along with your detailed responses so that I can refer to them during your phone interview and make notes.

     Please do not call, or email me, just to ask me about pricing. 

Prices vary depending on breed, sex, color, and size.

 We will discuss pricing at the time of your phone interview, along with any questions you have.

I am so very sorry we do not ship, shipping is too stressful on a  puppy 

and can be fatal,we do not take chances with our babies

IMPORTANT>>> SEE ColorsFAQ and Sizes Page Review our Policies pageVisitors policy  

These policies  do apply to everyone there are no exceptions

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ONLY Adults to complete application, (over 21yrs old)  

and only adults are to call for phone interview 
If you have Problems with this application ,,
send email with all info 

Please be aware the we do NOT place Miniature size puppies 
in homes with Small children, Adult homes Preferred. 

We do NOT ship our puppies, 
shipping is entirely too stressful and can be fatal we do NOT take chances with our babies,, the closest airport is Greensboro NC  the pup can fly back accompanied in the cabin in a soft sided carrier

Also please if you can not come home mid day to care for a puppy Wait until timing is better
A puppy needs to be played with and check on at least every 3/4hrs in order to grow up to be 
a valued family member.

I need this information before speaking to you to help me make sure a doodle is right for you and to learn more about your home environment and that You are right for one of  our puppies,

  • Prices Vary. Prices discussed at time of Phone interview
  • Puppies currently available are On the Pups available page
  • Follow the guidelines set forth on this Page
  • If your questions that are not answered via the FAQ page and our Policies Page we will addressed those questions at time of Phone interview 
  • Serious Inquiries ONLY  
  • After I have received your Application we will then have a phone interview,, 
  • (276) 455-1210 Leave a Message with your name phone email address, Only after you have completed the application form or you have not hear back from us

 Form not working??

Make sure you have completed every question, then submit you may try this link,, 

either wont submit if all required questions are not completed Click here

Once you have completed your adoption application,  and we have had a phone interview , 

you will need to place a deposit on your puppy in order to be added to our wait list.

ATTENTION: Deposits are non-refundable,

so please make sure we are the breeder for you before you send it. We make no exceptions. 

ONLY Adults to complete application, (over 21yrs old)  

and only adults are to call for phone interview