Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle Puppies

Currently We do have Goldendoodle pups 

IMPORTANT READ THE FAQ page  ,, Policies page  & Pickup Info page

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Goldendoodle Puppies 

Available Ready Now 

All Shots to date, Saving you Hundreds $$ in Vet bills  House breaking Started   

Josie's Goldendoodle Puppies, Medium/Standards 

All shots to date, House breaking Started 

Ready Now  (goto litter page)

Sierra's Goldendoodle Puppies, Medium/Standards 

All shots to date, House breaking Started 

Ready Now  (goto litter page)

 If Timing is not right we do have a wait list on all upcoming litters due in the next couple of months

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Review the FAQ Page and Policies page

 Aussiedoodle Puppies

Aussiedoodle puppies for sale

At this time all Aussiedoodle pups are sold

The wait list is open for upcoming 

Aussiedoodle Litters hopefully due in the next couple of months . 

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Prices Vary and are discussed at time of phone interview


We do NOT ship our puppies, 

Shipping is entirely too Stressful and can be fatal, we do NOT take chances with our babies!! 
The Closest airport is Greensboro, NC, 

the pup can fly back accompanied in the cabin in a soft sided carrier.
Everyone is required to go through our Puppy orientation at time of pickup. This helps you be prepared for your new puppy, and reduces Stress both on you and your puppy

  • Our puppies are Imprinted from Birth, House breaking started by the time your pickup day arrives. , Paper training during winter months, due to the fact we can have some cold winters here!  The time I  have them, up until 8wks old,  its just too cold to take such young puppies out in the weather if under 70degrees,
  • Our puppies are completely socialized since we work with our puppies  daily , with active playtime, such as fetching, hugging and cuddle time and constant supervision.
    Generally we do not have dominant puppies as we are there constantly to correct inappropriate behavior. to insure you will be completely satisfied with your Doodlesville Doodle it is up to you to follow the instructions given at time of your puppy orientation
  • We offer a Full 2Year Guarantee and A Limited Lifetime Guarantee on ALL of our Puppies, (restrictions apply)
  • Our Phone lines are open 24/7 once you get home with your puppy and you are expected to call if you ever need any assistance or advice, We are serious about your being considered part of our  Family when you get a puppy from us.

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The Expen and Crate set up is a huge part of our Training program ,Please have it set up for pups arrival see pickup info page 

What color does the Red to Mahogany Puppies turn out to be?
Any Range of red from Mahagany  to as light as Parchment, they are all just beautiful

Click pictures below to enlarge and more info
Black Aussiedoodle turned silverish

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goldendoodle puppies for sale in


 Prices vary depending on sex color markings etc

We  do offer several discounts,
apply for a puppy
 Prices will be discussed  at time of your phone interview

Hope to hear from you soon, May God Bless

  • We do NOT breed back to Goldendoodles or Aussiedoodle to get  F1B Doodles, there is really no need to because first cross is normally low to no shed and allergy friendly,
  • Please review our Allergies Page
  • We do NOT breed Australian Labradoodles, this line has been infused so many times with Poodle that they are 15/16ths poodle, you may as well go out and get a poodle and save a few thousand dollars, Not to mention the line breeding/inbreeding that has gone on in the Australian Line of breeding, Which Defeats the whole entire purpose of the Doodle Breeds to begin with ,,

Please educate yourself before making that choice!!!


Reserve your Puppy Now!

We highly recommend reserving your puppy ahead of time. Our puppies are typically sold well before they are born, and sometimes even before they are bred!

If you are interested in a puppy from a current or upcoming litter, be sure to take note of the name of the momma.

If the timing isn't quite right, or you don't see a puppy you like, tell us when you will be ready and what you are looking for.

Price's vary

Prices Depend on size, sex, & color.* 

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How to Reserve Your Doodlesville Doodle Puppy

  1. Complete an Adoption Application
  2. Complete a Phone Interview

*We offer a Public Service Discount for active military, police, and firefighters. We also offer a Therapy/Service Discount, be sure to ask us about our Healing Paws, Helping Hearts Program. (refund provided once all service or therapy training completed and verified)

Goldendoodle puppies for sale
A Note About Sizes >
See Sizes Page regarding  Size information on Goldendoodles

  • True Miniatures,:they Mature about the size of a Sheltie (Miniature Collie)  or smaller,,,They should  mature 15-25lbs adult size> Adult Homes Preferred, > Children over 8yrs old considered 
  • Medium size 30-40lbs when grown under 18" at the shoulder
  • Standards 40-65lbs when grown appx 18-22" at the shoulder
  • Sizes are Not guaranteed, if you will  love them any less, don't get a doodle puppy
  • Remember some breeders will tell you anything to sell you a dog , educate yourself!!!
Complete a Application to begin the process.
Thank You
The Doodlesville Doodle Guarantee & Warranties
  • Providing a high quality and healthy life-long canine companion is our top priority. Our puppies are all up-to-date on their vaccinations, worming, and other health checks before you come to pick them up. We will not release an unhealthy or sick puppy.
  • Doodlesville Doodles come with our Health & Quality Guarantee. Once you purchase one of our doodles, our phone lines are open to you 24/7 for any questions or concerns that might arise. Click here to find out more about our Puppy Placement Guarantee and how we place our puppies.
  • We offer a 2-Year Full Warranty against any life threatening congenital defects, under which we will supply you with a free replacement pup. Please note: This does not mean that you must return the defective pup, it just means we will give you another pup.
  • In addition, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty* against any congenital defects that become evident after 2 years, under which we will supply you with a replacement pup at half price, for any life threatening issues covered under our guarantee.
  • *Maintenance of Life's Abundance Diet, NuVet Supplements, and other stipulations are required in order to qualify.(see Pickup Info page for reasons why! )

 Say No to Mail-Order Puppies!

Q: Do you ship your puppies?

A: Absolutely Not!

We will never ship a puppy. Shipping is very stressful, and sometimes fatal, for puppies. When puppies are shipped they are are not transported like the precious cargo that they are. We do not take unnecessary risks with our babies.

Q: Can your puppies fly? 

A: No! They don't have wings!

Seriously though, you may fly with your puppy provided you transport them in a Large soft-sided carrier so that they can ride with you in the cabin of the aircraft (as long as the puppy is under 20 lbs and can comfortably fit into a Large Soft-sided Carrier.

Do you have Allergies? Click here 

So, you want to give a puppy as a gift? Please reconsider. Click here to find out why! 


The puppies pictured above are already placed,

To  get on the wait list Complete a Puppy Application ,, Thank you

Regarding Wait list >>> If you have been contacted to decide on a Puppy from a litter born,  Please get back to me IMMEDIATELY I have others waiting,  I cannot  hold up the list for one person,   if you do not get back to me withing 24hrs of email I have sent... we will move on to the next person,,  and you will put back on the list , Your deposit is held for 1Year from the date it is placed, after which it is forfeited.

NOTE:  Normally we do not have pups available after born,
However recently we have and I am learning some lessons ,,
There is  a 3 to 4 Day wait after deposit placed,

We will no longer release puppies the same day or 2nd day of making  your commitment
It is up to YOU to review our policies page, up to you to do your research about us, (visit our Facebook page )
We have decided that there needs to be ample time for people to think thru their decision.
This is a lifetime commitment to the puppy, we are giving a Lifetime commitment to You!
Make sure you are ready and that We are the breeder for you.
If you do not want a breeder that actually cares about you and your puppy, then we are not

Males vs Females
For some reason I get all the time "oh I have to have a female'..
Why? what in the world is wrong with a little boy? 
People seem to have it in their minds that females are more maternal.  
Folks,, where do you think the word. "Bitch"  comes from? You got it,, its a female Dog.

With that being said,
Males in most breeds of Dogs make better family pets, they love everyone, 
a female will pick one of two people.

With the Doodles I find NO difference between Male/Female,
Either will break their hearts to please you,  boy or girl
Our Doodles are proving to be excellent family, service or therapy dogs.
Please do NOT limit your choice.  It just makes no sense.
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Recently it has come to my attention that a breeder in Northern Va is selling puppies that are Australian Shepherd Bred to a Goldendoodle, this in itself should raise a red flag to anyone,
This defeats the entire purpose of breeding doodles, and you can bet that they only are interested in money
NOT in honoring the breed, Please be careful and aware of what kind of people you are purchasing your pup from!!!
All Puppies are cute, this does not mean that they will be healthy.
Never purchase a dog based just on price , You WILL get what you pay for!!
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