Christmas Puppies

Do Not give a Puppy as a Gift >> No Christmas Puppies please!!!

The Below applies to giving puppies as a Gift at any time not just Christmas 

To many people think that giving a puppy to a child for Christmas is a perfect gift for a child.

Let me explain to you why that could not be further from the truth.

The stress of moving to a new home is very high to begin with then adding Christmas morning hustle and bustle to the mix can be entirely too much for a young animalbNo animal should ever be a surprise. The arrival of a new pet changes the household for years to come, and everyone needs to be prepared to take on that responsibility.

Any responsible breeder will NOT release a puppy for Christmas Morning.

Te Holidays are a stressful time for us,  imagine how this excitement would effect a puppy,, ..You never want a puppy to get stressed a Over Stressed is a sick puppy!!   

When Introducing a new puppy, the new home should be as organized and quiet to start. 

Not screeching children hovering over screaming at a new puppy coming from a box opened Christmas morning!

Give Doggy Gifts not the puppy: 

You can Always make giving a puppy as a gift, without putting to much stress on the animal. Wrap several things for the recipient  ,such as a doggy bed, supplies(recommended by breeder),crate, expen ect, in separate boxes, and a framed picture of a puppy,, with a note stating when the puppy will be available, then  wrap them and place them under the tree, 

Let them open these Christmas morning instead of a live animal that will be scared to begin with.

We will release pups a few days after Christmas day, once all the hustle and bustle is over and done. I prefer to wait until all decorations are down and put away, Puppies can ingest things that will require emergency surgery,, 

 Most of the time our pups are sold well before they are born especially around this time of year.

Reservations are Highly Recommended

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Remember: A Puppy Is NOT a Present

Because a puppy should never be:

1. A novelty item. One that was a smash hit on Christmas morning, but an undesirable chore in the post-holiday world. A dog is at the very least a 10-year commitment, and if your intended recipients are not up to the task, you have no business gifting them with one.

2A stuffed toy. Some dogs might resemble one but again, the responsibilities associated with toy vs. dog aren't remotely in the same region. And if your daughter is obsessed with Pomeranian because of Boo, there is a stuffed animal replica you can buy.

3. An imposition. Just because you thought a puppy would make a great gift doesn't mean the recipient does. When your big "surprise" goes south, are you prepared to care for the pup for the rest of its days? We hope your backup plan doesn't involve dumping him at the already-overcrowded local shelter.

4. An impulse buy. If your family isn't up to the commitment, you can't just return that puppy to the pet store. It's not unusual for puppies returned to pet shops to be put down in horrendous ways, either. Please, please, please do your homework if you're adding a dog to the family. Research dog breeds to find the best fit.