Priscilla (aka Prissy) & CJ
Moyen Aussiedoodle Puppies

Born 10/8/13  >>Ready December 3 2013
These pups should mature UNDER 40lbs 
Also they may have tri markings, or blue eyes, time will tell ,just a added bonus  

Older children Only please

 Prissy Picture coming soon

She is a Moyen Red Poodle 35lbs

Puppies have had 2 shots, They only need one more.

 Saving you Hundreds in Vet bills, 

Full 2yr Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Guarantee (see pickup info)

ON HOLD  Glidewell Family'

 Light Red Merle (fawn) Male 

ON HOLD  Glidewell Family

Black Male w/More White 

This is  Chewy ,, he is a Red merle and 

was the same color as a puppy as the puppy above.  

Black Puppies can Stay Black or 

a kind of silvery color as pictured below 

Playtime Video Dec 2 2013

Reservations>> Please do NOT send a deposit until you have had Phone interview and have been approved for a puppy and I have held the pup that you want, you will be given 1hour to complete the deposit agreement and the deposit after puppy is held for you, if you do not do it in that time frame call back to make sure puppy is still available Make sure that everyone is in agreement , The deposit is NON Refundable. there are NO EXCEPTIONS

Complete agreement ,Place your deposit Click here 

Attention All New Puppy Parents
Once Confirmed for a puppy in this litter the balance is due, No exceptions 
This confirms your puppy so please get this out immediately

 If you have NOT made Your pickup appointment yet Please call me ASAP our times are filling quickly
Weekday appts  are easier to get please make prior arrangements
Make sure you read the Pickup info page and use ONLY links provided to order your food, supplements, ectc 

Review the pickup info page
  • IMPORTANT>Have Expen and Crate in Place for pups arrival,  (you can order then our amazon store below) this is a huge part of the training portion of our Orientation, please follow directions READ PICKUP INFO 
  • Have Life Abundance food, and Nuvet supplements ordered in advance or your puppy will not be release, use ONLY links provided we must verify orders along with the dry food please order a couple of cans too in case pup doesn't want to eat when you get it home, you can order those off this link (this is the sample link, limited to 2 cans)
  • Expen and Crate as well as toys and Herbal treatments , that I have hand picked, safe for puppies is on our Amazon Shop
  • Questions, dont assume Call!

Review ,,if you have questions we will  address them at time of orientation
 CALL Steve for directions if you do not have his number yet call me,,

Make sure ALL is ordered and in place for pups arrival or puppy will not be released
use ONLY links provided on the pickup info /resources page, Please read both pages thoroughly!!!

 SOLD Puppies

SOLD Female Puppies

SOLD Heckman Family

Merle Female  (black on left Foot) 

RED Female SOLD Tobin Family 

SOLD Infante Family


Blue Merle female (no black on foot) 

SOLD Male Puppies
Black Male Minimal white >>SOLD Kirk family
Red Merle Male (larger ) SOLD Johnson Family
RED Male SOLD Schauf Family