First, I would like to thank you interest in  a Doodlesville Doodle puppy.  We hope you decide to join our family. Nothing surpasses our love and dedication to our puppies and their families. We want the best for you both, so that you can have a long and happy life together.

I give a lifetime guarantee on all my puppies. But in order for me to honor that promise, I need you to follow the guidelines I have provided. My main goal is for you to raise a happy, healthy puppy! I do have specific Food & Supplement requirements using only links provided here for your lifetime guarantee to be valid, this is to save you headache and heart ache later.

We are here for you 24/7 to help you raise your perfect canine companion, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns along the way.  We are truly committed to you and your puppy, and ask only that you be committed to your puppies health and well being .


Thank You and God Bless!

Nancy & Steve
Doodlesville Doodles



 If you are flying please NOTE that orientation lasts at Least 2hrs,  it may be best to fly in one day and then fly out the next. Hampton Inn in Martinsville VA is appx 20min from our house. 

We only do 12pm orientation daily. and normally this is with another family,

Please be respectful for everyone's time.

The info we go over at orientation is very important for you to raise a happy healthy puppy.

It is too much for us to do more then one time per day,

You have plenty of time to adjust your schedules to be here when you are scheduled for orientation. 

You will need a soft sided carrier, get only large!

Questions Call Nancy



  • Newspaper (If in smaller car make sure trunk is clean for ride home)

  • Paper Towels

  • Disposable Table Cloth

  • Towels

  • Travel Bowl

  • Bottled Water

  • Travel Crate or Carrier

  • Toys 

Reasoning  Behind use of  Ex-Pen and Crate

There is reason for our Recommendations, We do not recommend things just to be difficult, we do so to make the transition for the puppy the easiest as possible!!!
  • We have found this to be the best way to train a Puppy ,
  • You NEVER want to close a puppy up in just a crate this is like putting a diaper on a baby and daring them to use the bathroom,,
  • Gating off a area is not safe,,they can chew on floors, rugs, baseboards etc ,and have to have emergency surgery this has happen to many times  I NEVER want it to happen again!
  • the ex-pen and crate gives them their own space that is safe,.
  • Do NOT use weewee pads,, Use Newspaper ONLY!!!!
After over 35yrs in raising and Training Dogs & puppies,
We  have found this to be the best way to train a puppy and safer then any method out there,,  I never want to have to rehome another dog due inexperience or someone who is not willing to use this method because they think they know it all.
Everything we recommend is tried and works, and we feel s best and safest for puppies  to avoid any issues later.

What to Put under pen to protect your floors >CALL Steve for information on where to purchase and if you have questions
(this will go under the expen area , which is 4x4
, set up and measure your area,,(I suggest getting a bit bigger, along with 4small bricks to hold in place)


Have Expen and Crate Set Up as pictured for puppy's arrival

This is a HUGE part of our
Training Portion of the Orientation,

Please Follow instructions, Questions Call,
do not assume,,, thank you



I must be able to verify all orders,

if not working  call

    • Life’s Abundance All Stages Food Click here *  
    • Nuvet Supplements (Nuvet plus) Click Here*
    • Life’s Abundance Treats Click here 
    • Life’s Abundance Pet Products  Click Here
    • Expen and Crate Set  up and supplies Click here
    • Questions Call Steve
    LA Food and Nuvet Supplements must be on Auto ship, Use ONLY links provided on this page
  • We do check before puppy is released

There are  reasons for our Recommendations,

We do not recommend things just to be difficult, we do so to make the transition for the puppy the easiest as possible!!!  

We have found this to be the best way to train a Puppy , You NEVER want to close a puppy up in just a crate this is like putting a diaper on a baby and daring them to use the bathroom,, Gating off a area is not safe,, the expen and crate gives them their own space that is safe,.We  have found this to be the best way to train a puppy and safer then any method out there,,  If you are not willing to follow our guidelines for the training we are not the breeder for you.

  • Have the expen and Crate in PLACE as pictured for puppies arrival, This is a Huge part of our Training portion of our Orientation, Do NOT use wee wee pads, they can chew them up and ingest them requiring surgery use Newspaper ONLY,,,,Please follow direction, thank you
  • Order the *Food, *Supplements  using only these links so that we can confirm that you have purchased these items and are prepared for pup's arrival.
  • Ear Cleaner that actually works. available at time of pickup , $15.00 or order from Lifes Abundance 
  • Please Look for a Natural pet care veterinarian  in your area.
  • We WILL NOT Release  your pup without being able to verify that the Food and  Supplements are  ordered and in place for pups arrival.  To ensure verification, you MUST use the links we have provided.

  • Note: Auto ship is required for Food & Supplements above for lifetime guarantee to be valid


please read> Click here

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.
Why do I require specific food and supplements?

Because I KNOW they work, I KNOW they do what they say they do, If I am giving the support and the lifetime guarantee  I  give, I need to make sure that YOU are doing your part by giving  ONLY the best to your puppy.
I refuse to stand behind my guarantee if you are feeding food KNOWN to be too fatty, or not  healthy, that have had numerous recalls.Life's Abundance has Never had a recall, it is formulated by one of the Top Holistic veterinarians in the country.
Auto ship is required for Lifes Abundance Food & Supplements  for lifetime guarantee to be valid

Watch the Video Below and you tell me!!!!!
Healthy Start Food and Supplements  System 
Auto ship the XL System every 4wks,, auto adjust once you get your puppy home,, do not run out of supplements though 


Order the Treat Sample Pack, 

if any thing goes in pups body it needs to come from Lifes Abundance they have never had a recall Click below

Treat Sampler Pack 



**We love to spend time with our new families as they meet their puppy and go over everything they need to know. If you or a family Member has Life threatening allergies it may not be a good idea for them to come to my house, we have different breeds of dogs, birds,sometimes cats, in our home. and during the winter us doing puppy orientation is not a option. you are welcome to record and/or take notes, of course our phone line is open 24/7 once you get your pup, But keep in mind it is Extremely important that everyone is consistent that is working with the puppy.

**During orientation we cover training, health tips, and more. So, make sure you come relaxed and ready to listen! We want a smooth transition to your home from ours. *Please do not bring children under 5 years old.

Pick-up times are normally 12 PM, NO appointments before 12noon, we have animals to care for in the morning and here they come first.

(Lots to do at Doodlesville!)

  • Please refer to your specific pick-up time when you make your travel arrangements and allow yourself enough time to dawdle with your pup. You don’t want to feel rushed or stressed while meeting your new puppy, so plan accordingly. 
  • The Closest Airport to us is Greensboro NC or Roanoke VA 
  • The Closest and Best hotel is Hampton Inn In Martinsville VA (keep in mind if a race is in Martinsville rooms are hard to get so book early) We can keep puppy here and meet you the next morning,, No worries
  • Questions? Write them down. We will most likely go over them during orientation, but if we don't then just ask. We are here to help!
  • Please note keeping puppies past the pick-up date (noted on the litter page) creates additional costs for us. So, if you are unable to pick-up your pup on the litter pick-up date there is a boarding charge of $20 per day that must be paid in advance.

Restrictions During Visit 

We understand that many of our adoptive families will be disappointed by these restrictions, but a number of breeders have lost entire litters to the Parvo Virus this year and we will not take any chances with our babies. We hope you will understand the necessity for these precautions, and agree that protecting your puppy is the highest priority. The Parvo Virus is a serious and deadly disease, and puppies are the most vulnerable to it, so we hope that you will respect Doodlesville Doodles for our dedication in preventing the infection of our facility. See Visitors Policy page

  • You WILL NOT be allowed to visit puppy play areas. 

  • You WILL NOT be allowed in our kennel area.

  • You WILL be allowed to view the parents of your puppy at a distance. They will be brought to a safe kennel, for your viewing only, away from the puppy area.

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Normally we do not have pups available after born, However recently we have and I am learning some lessons ,,

if we do by chance have older puppies, Now the Older puppies policy is;, There is a 3 to 4 Day wait after deposit placed,
We will not longer release puppies the same day or 2nd day of making your commitment

It is up to YOU to review our policies page, up to you to do your research about us, (visit our Facebook page )
We have decided that there needs to be ample time for people to think thru their decision.

This is a lifetime commitment to the puppy, we are giving a Lifetime commitment to You!

Make sure you are ready and that We are the breeder for you.
If you do NOTt want a breeder that actually cares about you and your puppy, then we are not
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