Congratulations to Penny & Lil Red  on their New Arrivals!

MOM Penny
Blue Merle Tri Australian Shepherd 17" 35lbs 
Red Miniature  Poodle
13" at shoulder  15bs


Mom Penny     Dad Lil RED (Rosies Son)

Born: August 9  Ready:October 4 2016
Appx under17" at the shoulder 
will mature 20-35lbs appx

About the size Miniature Collie

Pickup Days for this litter will be 
Oct 4, 5. Or Oct8 at 12noon
There is plenty of time to make arrangements for time off from work etc

These pups will be small so
 im sorry NO Children under 10yrs old
the pups can get injured to easily

1500.00 Full 2yr guarantee and limited lifetime guarantee
24/7 helpline

PICTURES are UPDATED normally every 2 weeks  
I normally email once the puppy pictures are updated....
Keep a eye on this litter page ,
With  my Cancer Treatments starting there could be delays ,  ,Please be understanding and Patient 
  • Have you completed Puppy Application?
  • Have you had your Phone interview?
  • Are you approved?
  • Has the pup you like been put on a courtesy hold?
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ON HOLD Jacobs Family
Black Male 
 silvering around nose already
SOLD Stanton Family>Red Mahogany Tux Male
Black Male O'Dorisio Family
Heavey Brown in coat,,Will NOT Stay Black
updated picture at top of page 
SOLD> Hallberg Family 
Beautiful Black Tri Female Perfectly Marked
Attention All New Puppy Parents
Once Confirmed for a puppy in this litter the balance is due, No exceptions 
you will be sent info on how to send the balance,
Your Tracking number confirms your puppy so please get this out immediately

Please Schedule your pickup Appointment  ASAP, Our Appointment times Fill Quickly, 
Weekday appts are easier to get please make prior arrangements
Make sure you read the Pickup info page Link is below 
 and use ONLY links provided to order your food, supplements, etc. 

  • Questions??, Please Don't  assume Call Steve!!!
REVIEW the pickup info and what is required Pickup>>>
use only links provided to order as we do verify orders. 
Have expen and crate set up for pups arrival as pictured This is a HUGE part of our training orientation

**** Amazon Doodle Shop   Expen and Crate ,double door is best, 
walkabout flexi Leash,,also get 6ft leash too if you like,,  etc

Toys there i have hand picked safe for puppies,,

 the holee roller is bestest,, stuffing free toys too,, i have a few there

the kong balls with legs  you will see them they look like a octopus, LOL

the landing page is all you need,and we recommend for puppy,, we send toys  home too,, ,

 questions call steve,,You will have his number in your confirmation email once confirmed for this litter

******Lifes Abundance Food,, auto ship, food and treats if you like,

 saves you 15% get a LARGE bag, of the All Stages food saves you more,, 

auto ship every 4wks ,, adjust as needed 


Shampoo, ear cleaner Treats . 12 inch Bully, Buffalo Strips, Buffalo Fillets  Dental Treats .... click on treats page

*****Nuvet Supplements  Nuvet Plus 90 day supply,, auto ship

Review ,,if you have questions we will  address them at time of orientation
 CALL Steve for directions if you do not have his number yet call me,,

Make sure ALL is ordered and in place for pups arrival or puppy will not be released
use ONLY links provided on the pickup info /resources page, Please read both pages thoroughly!!!

 Before you meet your pup: 


  • Have the Ex-Pen and Crate in PLACE as pictured below for puppies arrival, This is a huge part of the training portion of Orientation. Do NOT use wee wee pads, (they can chew them up and ingest them requiring surgery) Use newspaper ONLY.
  • Order the Food and Supplements Links above so that we can confirm your purchase for the Guarantee to be valid, and you are prepared for pup’s arrival. (2 weeks in advance of pup’s arrival is best) Auto Ship saves you on your purchase, we also recommend Largest Bag auto ship every 4wks you can adjust this later if need to. 
  • Find a trusted + natural Vet in your area. Check out my tips + advice HERE
  • Ear Cleaner (we LOVE Life Abundance!)

Why an Ex-Pen and Crate? 

  • We have found this to be the best way to train a Puppy!
  • You NEVER want to close a puppy up in just a crate- this is like putting a diaper on a baby and daring them to use the bathroom.
  • Gating off an area is not safe. They can chew on floors, rugs, baseboards etc, and have to have emergency surgery- this has happen too many times  I NEVER want it to happen again!
  • the Ex-pen and Crate gives them their own space that is safe. Do NOT use wee wee pads -Newspaper ONLY!!!!

 After over 35yrs raising and training Dogs & puppies, we have found this to be the best way to train a puppy and safer then any method out there. I never want to have to rehome another dog due inexperience or someone who is not willing to use this method because they think they know it all.

Everything we recommend is tried and works, and we feel it’s best and safest for puppies  to avoid any issues later.

What to Put under pen to protect your floors? // Call Steve for information on what + where to purchase.
(this will go under the expen area– 4×4 
, setup and confirm the measurement of your area -I suggest getting a bit bigger, along with 4 small bricks to hold in place)

If you have NOT made Your pickup appointment yet 
Please call me ASAP our times are filling quickly

You have plenty of time to make arrangements 
to get here right around the time the pups are ready.

If you must wait until later for pickup,  there is a 20.00 [per day charge) 

Previous Litter

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SOLD Sattler Family Red merle Female Smaller  

Saber Family Red Merle female white face ,, Larger 

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Gidget Clark,  

Dark Merle as a Puppy and Beautiful blue merle as a adult 

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