Puppy Payments

Please Note! All  Payments are Non refundable

Make sure purchasing agreement is completed before sending deposit, Email once all completed

This payment page is for payments towards your puppy,

all are non refundable and goes towards the purchase of your puppy

Have you completed the Deposit Agreement?

Puppy Payment-

$ 312.00 USD

Puppy Payment

 In sending your understand that All payments-Non refundable.

Please email Me once you have completed these steps, thank you

300.00 goes towards your puppy 8.00 is service charge

questions call me 434-688-0444


If you will need the puppy to be held longer than 8 weeks (see the Ready Date on Your Litter Page), additional boarding and care fees, of $20.00 per day.

Doodlesville 434-688-0444