Print out  your sheet here

Have Everything ordered on the Resources page using ONLY links provided ,,
Questions , Don't Assume,  Call!!

Your pickup time is set for you,
Make SURE that you have set up your appointment time. Normal appt time is 12pm daily
Our times fill quickly, Call soon!

  • Please be on time, Do not be in a hurry to get back on the road, We have quite a bit to go over to insure you and your puppy have a uneventful transition.
  • We prefer that you do not bring children under 8yrs old, Pickup takes appx 2hrs and it is hard for us all to focus if we have distractions.  
  • Everyone that is a care giver for this puppy should be here.
  • If any person that is coming for orientation has severe allergies, it is NOT a good idea for them to come. If you have Mild allergies take what ever meds you need to for them before you arrive    We have other types of animals here, and we don't want them to be uncomfortable, We are limited in the winter how we can accommodate them.
  • Please Advise Nancy the Number of people that will be in your party.
  • PRINT OUTS>see links below, Write down your questions, if any, so we can cover then at time of pickup.
  •  Only use links provided for Required food, supplements etc,  See Resources page,, I must be able to verify those orders

 If you are flying please NOTE that orientation lasts at Least 2hrs,  it may be best to fly in one day and then fly out the next. Hampton Inn in Martinsville VA is appx 20min from our house. 

We only do 12pm orientation daily. and normally this is with another family,

Please be respectful for everyone's time.

The info we go over at orientation is very important for you to raise a happy healthy puppy.

It is too much for us to do more then one time per day,

You have plenty of time to adjust your schedules to be here when you are scheduled for orientation. 

Questions Call Nancy

We do need to schedule pickup appt asap, our times do fill quickly Pickup time is at 12noon daily
See The Resources page, Link above,  for all info regarding pickup such as , what you must have ordered and in place for pups arrival.
  • Food and and all required items, must be ordered prior to pickup at least 1-2wks prior to  pickup and prior to getting directions for pickup
  • Food order 20lb bag get on auto ship for every 2weeks to sstart then adjust as needed,, 
  • Nuvet 1 90day supply auto ship every 3mths
Read and print out Information sheet>  1-Grooming ,2-Ear cleaner, 3-Home Made flea treatments
  • See our Amazon Store for Crate Expen and Toys that I have Hand picked items safe for puppies www.4Doodles.com

  • Links don't work?? CALL ME !!!!

 Rather then putting Poisons on your Pet that is unhealthy for Your family and Pet

Please use the Pet Protector Disc

Questions Call me

Click here for more INFO

I recommend keeping  Kocci Free on hand,
 I do, we have had great success using  this for worms, coccidia (stress related parasite, and general tummy upset).
his is a great thing to have in your puppy kit so that you have it if you need it. Click on picture >
or  Click here for our Herbal remedies page