Miniature/Toy   Aussiedoodle Puppies

Born December 27 2015    Ready  Feb 21 2016

I prefer older children or Adult homes for this size puppy, thank you 

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 Marble & Dooley

Beautiful True Miniature/Toy  Aussiedoodle puppies

They will mature to around 13" at the shoulder, under 25lbs appx.

About the Size of a small Sheltie (miniature collie)

Adult homes or families with older children

Marble and her pups are pictured in the New Aussiedoodle Breed book page 26

in fact most all of the Aussiedoodles pictured in that book are Doodlesville Doodles.

This book is Packed full of valuable information

SOLD Wolfe Familky

  Sable White  Tuxedo  Female 

 Brindle Female>>SOLD >  Grady Family

ON HOLD Bullock Family Sable white Tuxedo Male 

SOLD SYDOW Family > Fawn White Tuxedo Female

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Tessa Brindle tuxedo Aussiedoodle PUPPY PICTURE 



Female SOLD  Caldera family


SOLD FRANK family   Smaller male ,

SOLD Downam >> Sable Brindle Tux Male 4wks 

SOLD Brown Family>> Sable Tux Male 4wks 

SOLD> Gee Family 

Brindle & White Tuxedo Male 


SOLD Carl Family

Sable Merle Tuxedo Female  

Griffin Chandler
Before and After Groom!

LOVE this picture!!!

Griffin is a Marble and Dooley Puppy!