SOLD McLean Family

Yellow Ribbon Female 

Available appt day will be June 19 at 12pm

Congratulation to Jasmin & Austin on their New Litter


Born: April 28 :     Ready: June 23

Once you are confirmed for a puppy in this litter 
the balance is due, No exceptions,
Your tracking number confirms your purchase.

We will choose pups in the order I have received payment between 5-7wks old 

Pictures are updated normally every 2wks.

Mom> Jasmin 

Golden Retriever 


Standard Poodle


Due to previous commitment ,

 these pups will need to be picked up 

 June 19-Friday 

promptly at  12 NOON for orientation


My times fill quickly and young children should not attend,

 please limit number of people coming with you

 Thank you for your help 

  • Have you had your Phone interview?
  • Is your spot held for you space on the list?
  • Ready to reserve your Puppy? Click here 

If you have NOT scheduled your Pickup appt ,  times are filling quickly,, 

we have June 19 Friday available 12Noon 


SCROLL Down for Information on what is needed for puppies arrival 

Use ONLY links provided for food and supplement orders I must be able to verify them

Supplies i have created a Amazon store with what is needed at the best prices i could find

call if you need me 

SOLD Puppies 


SOLD Higgs Family

Red Female 

SOLD Bagley Family

Black Ribbon Female  

SOLD LoLata Family

White Ribbon Female 

SOLD Schaefer Family

Pink ribbon Female  (smallest)

 SOLD  McKay Family 

Purple female


SOLD Gray Family

Green Ribbon Male 

Goldendoodle puppies

SOLD Ellis  Family

Blue Ribbon Male  

SOLD Robbins Family 

Orange Ribbon Male 

Attention All New Puppy Parents
Once Confirmed for a puppy in this litter the balance is due, 
No exceptions 
This confirms your puppy so please get this out immediately

 If you have NOT made Your pickup appointment yet Please call me ASAP our times are filling quickly 
Weekday appts  are easier to get please make prior arrangements
Review the pickup info page
  • IMPORTANT>Have Expen and Crate in Place for pups arrival,  (you can order then our amazon store below) this is a huge part of the training portion of our Orientation, please follow directions READ PICKUP INFO 

Lifes Abundance food and supplements are required and order will be verified before puppy released See Below

    • Why Life Abundance > Lifes Abundance Info , Use this Link or the links ABOVE  to order,  Large bag of puppy food ,This saves you money,,, get on Auto ship every 4 weeks, you never want to run out of food, have one on back up ,,Auto ship saves you even more!! 
    • Questions dont assume call 
    • TREATS > We recommend the buffalo bully sticks and the Porky Puffs from Lifes Abundance they are highly digestible 
    • Pet care Products from Lifes Abundance are a great choice >> (ear cleaner, shampoo) 100% Money Back Guarantee 
    • Our Amazon StoreClick here Expen & Crate, Toys hand picked safe for puppies, and Herbal Treatments/Prevenatives
Review ,,if you have questions we will  address them at time of orientation
 CALL Steve for directions if you do not have his number yet call me,,

Make sure ALL is ordered and in place for pups arrival or puppy will not be released
use ONLY links provided on the pickup info /resources page, Please read both pages thoroughly!!!


  • Food and Supplement ,Using only links provided Orders must be confirmed before pickup scheduled
  • Fenced yard  is required,, Older children 

  • **Large Breed Puppy System** 
    Everything you need!! 
    Get the x Large  (bigger bag) auto ship every 3 weeks you always want to have a backup bag available you can always adjust auto ship if needed
    Get on Auto ship and Save!!! Click here

    New Healthy Start  Packs  Click here

    This includes food and supplements, get on auto ship every 3 wks, order the XL Pack 

    ** NOTE >You may adjust this auto ship when you get the pup home and see how much food you go thru, you always want a extra bag available though,  they must have the supplements every day dont forget 

Buffalo Lung Treats Click here  

 Pork Puffs Click here

 Set up expen and crate as pictured for puppies arrival

this is a huge part of our Orientation Training. 
Please have in place for puppies arrival 
I have hand picked toys that are safe for puppies on the above site too, as well as Grooming supplies etc
 Amazon Store CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT >> Review the  pickup Info page

We do need to schedule pickup appt asap, our times do fill quickly Pickup time is at 12noon daily
Link above for all info regarding pickup such as , what you must have ordered and in place for pups arrival.
  • Food and such needs to be ordered prior to pickup at least 1wk prior to  pickup and prior to getting directions for pickup 
  • Use Only treats from LA as well, they have never had a recall and are very safe, 100%money back guarantee!
  • Food order>> Large bag of Large breed Puppy food get on auto ship for every 4weeks to start then adjust as needed,, this save you money, then get on auto ship and you receive even more discount. If you have more then one dog Call Me!
  • You can also order the Large breed  Puppy system, call them and get on auto ship for food and supplements
  • See our Amazon Store I have Hand picked items safe for puppies, the expen and crate is there also ,
  • Under the Herbal page at link above I recommend Kocci Free to have  on hand, and vibartra plus,  lately we have had great success with this for worms, coccidia (stress related parasite, and general tummy upset) , this is a great thing to have in your puppy kit so that you have it if you need it.  Click here for our Herbal remedies page


  • Lasts at least 2hrs
  • No Children Young children Please,,they are a distraction and hold up the orientation.
  • Have Crate and Expen Set up for pups arrival!!
  • Food and Supplements ordered using ONLY links provided below

We will Choose puppies in the order I have received payment between 5-7weeks old 

Review All Info on this page