How to Guide: Crate and Ex-Pen Set-Up 

We recommend a 36" (large) wire crate with double doors and a 36" ex-pen. It sets up easily in any area.
(Do not use the divider for your puppy.)

Connect the ex-pen to the crate-this set-up makes the pup feel less confined and will make the crate- and house- training less stressful on your puppy and you. A stressed puppy is a sick puppy, and this set-up makes the introduction to their new home easier on everyone.

It is not fair to keep your pup confined in their crate without anywhere to relieve themselves. It is like putting a diaper on a infant and daring them to use the bathroom.

With this set-up you can set-up the ex-pen with newspaper , when you cannot be with him/her, for potty breaks. This set-up aids in house-training.

We go over proper use of this set up at time of orientation. So it is Very Important to have the crate and expen set up for pups arrival,

Call Steve if you have Questions, please do not deviate from this set up it is part of our program and has a proven track record.


Your puppy needs to be in his/her area 2 hours for ever 1 hour of play time-this will help prevent your pup from developing separation anxiety. Remember, dogs are hardwired to be a part of a pack and being alone is not a natural state for them. We need to do our best to help them through the process of becoming acclimated to your lifestyle.  

Like infants, they explore their world with their mouths. You don't want them eating any plants or non-food items that could potentially be fatal! They are like toddlers, it only takes a second for them to find trouble. For this reason, we do not advise the use of baby gates for new puppies. You never know what they'll get into.

If you have any questions or issues, please ask us for advice. We want your puppy to be your life-long friend and companion.