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     Thank you for your interest in a Doodlesville Doodle. we hope you have taken a time to explore our website, all of the puppies and dogs pictured on our site are ones we have or have bred. 

***See our FAQ page to begin. Most Questions are Answered there ****

     If you are interested in adopting a puppy, do not use this form--you should go ahead and complete our Puppy Adoption Application . This will help us begin the adoption process, and will help us determine if a Doodlesville Doodle iis the right fit for your family.  

     We will Discuss pricing once I have received and reviewed your Puppy Adoption Application

 In reality prices vary by Breed, Sex, Size, Color, Markings, etc, and will be discussed during your Phone Interview.  

There is no commitment,  the application will simply help us work with you to determine if an Aussiedoodle or Goldendoodle is the right fit for your family. After we receive you application, we will schedule a phone interview where you can ask us candid questions about pricing, temperament, etc.

When filling out your Puppy Adoption Application, please answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. This information really helps us to help you. We look forward to the opportunity to learn about you and your family, as well as working to ensure you get the puppy of your dreams!

if you have not gotten a reply  Call 434-688-0444 12-9pm Leave Message 

Thank you and God Bless

Most Questions are answered on this site,  Please take the time to read the Info provided .

I spend allot of time providing valuable information to assist you in your search,

 Questions about visiting? policies? etc? Click Here

Questions regarding Price, availability etc,, will be discussed at time of Phone interview,

Please complete a Application to begin the process,, thank you

First , Complete Puppy Application 

I need this information before speaking to you to help me make sure a doodle is right for you and to learn more about your home environment and that You are right for one of  our puppies,

  • Prices Vary. Prices discussed at time of Phone interview
  • Puppies currently available are On the Pups available page
  • Follow the guidelines set forth on this Page
  • If your questions that are not answered via the FAQ page and our Policies Page we will addressed those questions at time of Phone interview
  • Serious Inquiries ONLY  
  • After I have received your Application we will then have a phone interview,, 

You will be Provided our Phone number once you have received our reply to your application
 Leave a Message with your name phone email address, 
Call Only  AFTER you have completed the application form or you have not hear back from us,, 
It is important to follow these instructions ...

When we have puppies is all up to the good lord and mother nature, and it depends on number of pups in litter,, 
where you fall on the wait list,, and who does what ahead of you on the wait list,, Delivery dates cannot be predicted