I get question’s all the time about what to look for in a veterinarian. I had a conversation with one of my vet’s a few  months back and wondered what went on at vet conferences. I was shocked. First, they are normally held at some fancy resort with a lot of prominent speakers discussing vaccine protocols and pet food. Each and every seminar is sponsored by a huge drug, vaccine or food company.

     Do you think that the speakers are going to be influenced by the company that is sponsoring them? Do you think for one minute that the veterinarians that are at this seminar are going to hear about the New Vaccine Protocols? What truly goes into the Pet Foods sold in stores or veterinarian hospitals?

     Do you think you will hear about all natural remedies? No! Wonder why? Could it be that the big corporations, pet food companies, or drug companies would not make money on these alternative or new found treatments and protocols?

     They claim to be unbiased. Is this truly the best way to educate the veterinarians that are in charge of treating your pet? Personally, I think not. I used to be upset at the veterinarians I dealt with who were so stuck in their ways. It was like they lived in a shell. Well to some degree I suppose they do. If they rely only by what is being stated at these conferences, than shame on them.

     It’s amazing. I am constantly hearing people saying, “Ok, I will ask my veterinarian”. Now tell me what do you think they are going to say? Some Veterinarians have their own interest at heart. Other’s completely ignore research or new treatments and protocol’s. Or even continue to recommend Yearly vaccinations even after the American Veterinary associations study in 2003, that shows yearly vaccines are no longer needed, Why do you think that is? Maybe because Yearly vaccines for their clients is a huge portion of their income, Makes you wonder doesnt it!?!

     What can be done to help? Thankfully, We have the benefit of the internet. We can do our own research. We can learn to ask the right questions. We have common sense. We need to take the time to educate ourselves on what is available, what is now the new protocol, and decide if it makes sense to you. It is up to you to learn as much as you can to protect your family pets, just as you do your children.

     Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If your vet seems uneasy by you questioning his knowledge then find another veterinarian. It is that simple! Your vet works for you. They are not God. They do not know it all. If they are not willing to learn new things, they certainly do not need to be treating your pet.

     Bottom line, the health of your pet. Your pet counts on you to make the best decisions possible. Their Health is in your hands. If it were your child you would be questioning and researching everything the doctor proposed. This should be your concern for your pet as well.

     If you are a Veterinarian. If I have touched a nerve, GOOD! Read this article again, and then get to work. Honor your client’s that have trusted in you to give the best advice possible in  order to give their pet a healthy and long life.