I thought I would Post the frosty paws Homemade Dog treats you can do it yourself. This recipe has gotten mighty popular over the years. I have gotten spring fever, so thought i would post this in hope it would hurry spring along, LOL, ohh and by the way, if you have any favorite homemade dog treats recipes post them here. Lets get a homemade dog  treats recipe list going. Post them here!

Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream Home Made Dog Treats Recipe

32 oz. plain yogurt
1 mashed banana
2 T p'nut butter
2 T honey

It’s true dairy products aren’t good for dogs, but yogurt contains much less lactase than regular milk and the live cultures are great for your dog’s digestive system. This Homemade dog treats ice cream recipe is delicious and good for your pet!

1. Mix all these ingredients in your blender, then dump into ice cube trays, paper cups, or even a kong toy to freeze and serve.

2. If you want to go all out for your mutt you can freeze these homemade frosty paws just like you would homemade ice cream. A salt-less automatic ice cream maker makes this as easy as using any other appliance in your home and the frosty paws will be ready to serve in 10 minutes.

For the ultimate treat, appropriate for desert at a doggy birthday party, follow steps one and two, then take the mostly frozen dog ice cream product of number two and spread it 1” to 1½” thick on wax paper. Freeze for five minutes and then remove dog ice cream from freezer. Next, use a paw shaped cookie cutter to cut a paw shaped “frosty paws”, remove ice cream around edges, and return paw shapes to the freezer to freeze solid.

Home Made Dog Treats are much safer then anything you can buy from the store. If you have any Home Made Dog Treats Recipes, share them here.