Why do I require specific food and supplements?

Because I KNOW they work, I KNOW they do what they say they do,
If I am giving the support and the lifetime guarantee  I  give,
I need to make sure that YOU are doing your part by giving ONLY the best to your puppy.
I refuse to stand behind my guarantee if you are feeding food KNOWN to be too fatty, or not  healthy, that have had numerous recalls.Life's Abundance has Never had a recall,
This Foo is formulated by one of the Top Holistic veterinarians in the country.
Auto ship is required for Lifes Abundance Food & Nuvet Supplements 
for limited lifetime guarantee to be valid
You can of course, feed your puppy whatever you like, the 2yr guarantee still applies, but
You Must have one bag by the time of pickup or puppy will not be released, 
If you do not follow guidelines ,the Lifetime guarantee will not.

Watch the Video Below and you tell me!!!!!