Life Abundance: Food and Treats

 This is our recommended food. We also  highly recommend the Porky Puffs & the Pork Hide bones as well
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Safe Pet Treats

I like the porky puffs and the pork hide bones that can be purchased through Life Abundance. Pups love them
Make your own puppy kit > Get Lifes Abundance food at least 20lb/40lb bag, Porky Puffs ,and pork hide bones

What to feed your puppy/dog…
Vets are not trained or schooled in nutrition. The food that they normally push is Science Diet, any small amount of research you will find that that is not the best choice of foods. If you are like me you just dont have the time money or energy to make homemade food for your pets. Which in a perfect world that is what my ideal scenario would have been, till I found Lifes Abundance pet products.

When the recall happened several years ago 2 of my pups were killed due to the food I recommended and was feeding at the time, a 4star food I might add. Since then I have searched for a food that was highly digestible and made in the US, with human grade products. I found it In Lifes Abundance Pet Products.

My animals have been eating this food for almost a year, I noticed a complete change in their digestion, their coats, and less allergy issues, ears, itching etc. In the past year I have had larger litters, and have not been to the vet other then for well puppy checkups.

I am amazed , the only thing that has changed is the food i am feeding. I cant recommend these products more highly. I am proud to be a representative for this company. I will never ever have to worry about that I am recommending to my clients or others since Lifes abundance is made in the US with human grade products.

They have never had a recall, the food is shipped directly from the company and never sits in back of tractor trailers or in storage, you will received your food within 3weeks normally from the time it is made,directly to your door.

For treats, I like the porky puffs and the pork hide bones for our puppies. All are highly digestible and has a nutritional value.
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