Canine Skin Issues can be a problem for most of us. I have never had to resort to medicine to cure them. Below is a  Easy Home Remedy For Most Canine Skin Issues

Cause's of Canine Skin issues can be caused by anything from fleas, swimming in dirty ponds, Dry air during the winter months can also be a factor. Food allergies, all of which can cause skin issues. Sometimes yeast is the culprit, caused by many factors. listed below.Once they start Chewing it is hard to get them to stop, it becomes a habit, that is not easily broken. This recipe will help break that cycle.

Below has been a tried and true method that i have used for many years,
and in my experience works.

Using home based remedies rather then antibiotics or worse, is always a good choice.
Not only for the monetary value but the results that medicine can have on any living creature.

What to do to Cure Canine Skin issues

Of course it is very important to keep the skin clean.
Disinfect the area on a regular basis to avoid problems later.
I suggest a medicated shampoo or oatmeal shampoo always works well..

When bathing is not enough

For skin infections, hotspots, cuts and scrapes and any skin irritation that could become a problem later,
we do want to cleanse the skin with a gentle solution.
This solution takes care of care of staph infection,, yeast, and most common bacteria, and it is safe for the dog,
if they should lick once applied..

It is, povidone-iodine ,it can be purchased from any Pharmacy, and is easily used.

To dilute the povidone-iodine until it's the color of iced-tea.

  • Pour a small amount in a bowl or whatever is available, dilute with warm water.
  • Soak a clean washcloth in the solution and wipe the infected areas gently to get the solution onto the skin.
  • Pat dry, Repeat this process twice a day for a week or more until the problem resolves.

This has prevented any need I have had to give antibiotics and has resolved any skin irritations without having to resort to antibiotics or veterinarian visits.