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Aussiedoodle Puppies, Just Born!!!

Due to some on the wait list needing to wait for a later litter

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We are Proud to Announce Doodlesville Aussiedoodles are Featured in the New Aussiedoodle Breed Book Click here 


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Please complete a application to begin the process 
I will advise what is available at time of phone interview

Our Policies are in place for a reason and  are not negotiable, If they are not agreeable to you, please don't waste your  time or mine, 

They are in place to keep our family and our puppies safe

We offer a Full 2yr Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all of our babies!!
And of course, our Training class at time of Pickup.  Including our
24/7 Phone consultation to help along the way.

Important review our FAQ Page , Policies Page

Prices Vary. Depending on Sex, Color and Size 
prices discussed at time of phone interview
 Complete a Application to begin the process.
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Red Pups can Turn Parchment see below
Standard litter of Red/Red Merle ready in August, ask me about them

Brindle or Sable Merle Aussiedoodle as puppy (Tessa)
aussiedoodle puppies
As you see they are very much Like blue  merles,
As you see Drastic  Color change can occur,
 I can make not guarantee on how a pups color will turn out,
I can guarantee they are Gorgeous!!!!
Brindle or Sable Merle Aussiedoodle As Adult (Tessa)
This is Tessa as a adult , She is just like a blue mele with more red tones in her coat
Click on Pictures to enlarge

Black Puppies Can Change color for red to silver highlights to very silverish

The is Sydney Rich Puppy to Adult Pictures
Black Doodles can  have silver & red Highlights and are just beautiful

 Prices Vary Depending on Sex, Size Color ,Markings,

Prices discussed at time of Phone interview

We do NOT ship our puppies, Shipping is entirely too Stressful and can be fatal, we do NOT take chances with our babies!! 
The Closest airport is Greensboro, NC, the pup can fly back accompanied in the cabin in a soft sided carrier.
Everyone is required to go through our Puppy orientation at time of pickup.
This helps you be prepared for your new puppy, and reduces Stress both on you and your puppy

Aussiedoodle's Bred here are Featured in
The NEW Aussiedoodle Book!!!

Doodesville Doodles are are FEATURED in the book!  We are so very very proud,, oh and read the Acknowledgements ,, I'm so very proud!!

   This  book, is Packed full of valuable information. It was such a pleasure to help in some small way to get this awesome book written, 

   The Author Diane Klumb is one of the most knowledgeable folks I  have met in all my years in the dog industry, of course we dont agree on everything, but we are people, that is just bout impossible, huh,,LOL :O)

   This is not your normal cut and paste books, it is well written with information that most authors don't bother themselves about, in fact some breeders dont either unfortunately, but Diane, Hits it head on, full force, so that you the consumer are educated fully before your purchase,,she adds  a bit of humor, that will keep you smiling as you learn.  Highly Recommended book!
aussiedoodle puppies for sale
Male vs Female
   I get all the time I must have a female , what is wrong with a Little boy, Personally my preference, Some People have this misconception that females are more maternal, Folks,, in most breeds of dogs Males make better family pets the females will choose one of Two people.
Where do you think the word Bitch came from? LOL :O)

**In the DOODLES they will ALL just break their heart to please, Any Sex are super easy tot train I mean These Aussiedoodles are Like little people with hair , if you are consistant they will learn

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 Hi Nancy & Steve,

   Bud is 6 months old today.   We got him neutered today and he is doing well.   We love him very much (so does everyone else that sees him). 

I'm sure I can't come up with anything original about him.   I know that everyone that gets one of your puppies tells you that their dog is the greatest thing ever!   His temperament is wonderful.  

Bud went to puppy training class at 3 months, and I've just enrolled him in the next level of training.   His favorite game is keep away.   He loves sleeping on his back *spread eagle* on the couch or right in the middle of the kitchen floor.   

We got him groomed a couple of weeks ago.   I'm attaching a couple of pictures.  

I hope you all are doing well. Thanks so much for our wonderful dog. 

Kasey and Jeff Edmiston
Brynna, Kamden, Teagan 
& Budreaux St. Doodle

 Hi Nancy  Just a note to say hi and send some photos now that Sadie is a year and a half old.  She is from Roxie/Chico litter 11/23/10.  She is such a wonderful companion: snuggly, obedient (mostly), quiet and the neighborhood favorite.  She has never met a dog or CAT she doesn't love!  She weighs about 21 lbs. and has for the past 6 months.  Her vet says her weight is perfect for her size (I thought she might be too skinny when I had her shaved for summer and she looked pitiful).  She's spoiled and that's my fault.  She lives on the furniture and sleeps with me.  We go to the woods where she runs the path but never gets out of sight.  I didn't teach her that, it was instinctive. 

 Thank you for a wonderful companion and I wish you a great summer.  Sincerely,  Rebecca Buckner

\Aussiedoodle Puppies in

Here's a recent picture of Johnny Cash after a game of catch! He's actually amazing! Fully potty trained for the weeks now! He's learning sit and drop too! He loves to play catch and everyone that's met him is shocked st his age he doesn't even fight me for the ball!
Thanks so much! You really know what you're doing and I know it's his wonderful pedigree and how you start out raising these pups that contributes to the ease of training!!!

Ozzie Gaddy

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle

Puppy to 6mths old in this video
Aussiedoodle puppies for sale
Aussiedoodle breeder in
Aussiedoodle puppies for sale
Aussiedoodle puppies for sale
Why do I require specific food and supplements?
Because I KNOW they work, I KNOW they do what they say they say!!,
If I am giving the FULL support and the lifetime guarantee  I choose to give,,
I need to make sure that YOU are doing your part by giving  ONLY the best to your puppy.
I refuse to stand behind such a guarantee if you are feeding food KNOWN to be too fatty, unhealthy food, with known Cancer causing  ingredients . Quite a bit of store bought foods have had numerous recalls.
Life's Abundance has Never had a recall, it is formulated by one of the Top Holistic veterinarians in the country.

Watch the Video Below and you tell me!!!!!
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Aussiedoodle puppies, goldendoodle puppies
Parti color aussiedoodle
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