Doodlesville Doodles Puppy Adoption Procedure

 Reserve Your Puppy Now!

We highly recommend reserving your puppy ahead of time.  Our puppies are typically sold well before they are born, and sometimes even before they are bred!

If you are interested in a puppy from a current or upcoming litter, be sure to take note of the name of the momma.

If the timing isn't quite right, or you don't see a puppy you like, tell us when you will be ready and what you are looking for. 

How to Reserve Your Doodlesville Doodle Puppy 

  1. Look at our Current Litters
  2. Complete an Puppy Application
  3. Complete a Phone Interview
  4. Complete the Reservation agreement & Make a Puppy Deposit. after application a Phone interview is required. Do NOT under any circumstances fill this out without prior approval.

Be sure to review our Policies Page and FAQ Page

Pricing varies depending on size, sex, Color and Markings* 

*We offer a Public Service Discount for active military, police, and firefighters. We also offer a Therapy Service Discount, be sure to ask us about our Healing Paws, Helping Hearts Program. 

 Step 1 - Reserve Your Puppy

 Step 2: Wait

 How the Wait list Works

Once we have received your completed application and your deposit*, you will be placed a the bottom of the waiting list. When a litter is born, we will contact you in the order your name falls on the list. At this time we will offer you the option of adopting a puppy that we feel would be the best fit for your family, if it is not the right time or the puppy does not appeal to you-we will move to the next person on the list. Your name will remain on the list for the next available litter up to 1year.

All Deposits are Not Refundable! 

I cannot be any clearer, please do not ask for a refund once you have completed the agreement and sent in your deposit, you have made a commitment as I have made a commitment to you. Review All info on what is expected once a puppy is born and you have been placed on the litter list. 

Puppies require a tremendous amount of commitment on your part, please make sure that you are ready at the time of reservation and everyone is on board with that commitment before deciding to purchase a puppy for you family. 

 Step 3: Adopt Your Puppy

Confirm and Pay for Your Puppy 

Once you have been confirmed for a puppy from a litter, you will to  pay the remaining balance due on your puppy. your Tracking number once payment sent confirms your puppy.

The preferred method of final payment is through a cashiers check from your bank.  If we do not receive your tracking number within a few days of confirmation We will be forced to assume that you are no longer interested and will place your puppy back on the market. Your payment is not refundable.

Step 4: Pick-Up Your Puppy 

Purchase Breeder Required Food, Supplements, Ear Cleaner, Crate & Ex-Pen 

Due to the Dangers of all the food recalls and the fear of our puppies being effected by them, Not to mention food change in a young puppy can be deadly, You must purchase Life's Abundance Dog Food, NuVet Supplements, and OxyFresh Ear Cleaner on-line (not available in stores) using the links provided  on our Pickup Info page Link above We need to be able to verify that you have purchased theses items through our website(s) before we will schedule your pick-up time.  

Why This Specific Food (click here)

 **Also, You will also need to have a crate and ex-pen in place for your puppy's arrival. This is a big part of our Orientation training, Please have ex pen and crate in Place before puppy come home,, It is not fair to close a puppy up in crate ,, that is like putting a diaper on a baby and daring them to use the bathroom, Please follow these instructions they will reduce stress on our puppy ,moving to its new home

I have hand picked Toys, and Confinement items on our Amazon Store

Schedule Your Pick-Up Time

Once we have confirmed your purchase of Life's Abundance Food, NuVet Supplements, Crate, and Ex-Pen, you will need to schedule your pick-up time. After you have scheduled your pick-up time, you will be given our address along with directions to our farm-because MapQuest does not know how to find us. We apologize if these precautions seem extreme, but we have a very firm policy regarding visitors. If you would like to see our references, click here.

You are required to pick-up your puppy within 3 days of Litter Ready Date (Listed on Litter Page). There is a Boarding Fee of $20 per day, if you are unable to pick up your puppy within the required time frame. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a later pick-up date, so that we can include Boarding Fees in your final payment estimate. This option is limited to 7 days from adoption confirmation.

Pick-Up Precautions 

As you may have already gathered from our Choosing Puppies Page and/or Policies Page, we take the safety and well-being of our pups very seriously. Please take care to observe the following precautions when you come to pick-up your pup:

  1.  Please do not visit any other kennels, breeders, pet stores, veterinary hospitals, or other areas that could be exposed to un-vaccinated dogs.

  2. Please wear freshly cleaned shoes on the day of your pick-up.

2-Hour Orientation 

We love to spend time with our new families as they meet their puppy and go over everything they need to know. During orientation we cover training, health tips, and more. So, make sure you come relaxed and ready to listen!  We want a smooth transition to your home from ours. *Please do not bring young  children to orientation. They have a hard time sitting still that long, and distractions make for a long day. Please visit our Puppy Pick-Up Page for more information.

You will also receive a Puppy gift bag, with a collar, A toy made especially for your puppy from Grandma Nancy, and other toys.

At times orientation can last longer then 2hours depending on questions and distractions during this time, it is best to make a list of the questions you may have if not covered we will address them at the end, so as not to hold up other families.

 Step 5 - Home Sweet Home

Our Baby Becomes Your Baby 

On the way home, we suggest that if you stop at a rest stop (or anywhere really) do not allow your puppy out to explore any area where unvaccinated dogs could have been. We know it is not ideal, but the safest place for your puppy until you get home is in your car. We suggest lining the back of your car with an old shower curtain to protect the seats, and laying down newspaper for your pup to relieve themselves on. Once he/she is finished, you can just throw away the newsprint and wipe down the shower curtain.

Be advised that you should also take care not to expose your pup to public dog areas before he/she has received the final 12 week boosters. We have provided a feeding guide for the first two weeks on our Bringing Puppy Home Page and basic crate-training information on our Crate-Training Page. If you have any questions at all, please contact me, Nancy, at



Please leave your full name, telephone number, the date of your call, along with a brief message and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

  • First , Complete Application, I need this information before speaking to you to help me make sure a doodle is right for you
  • Please, Do not Call just asking for prices, Prices Vary and will be discussed at time of phone interview.
  • Follow the guidelines set forth on this Page
  • If your questions are not answered via the FAQ page we will addressed those questions at time of Phone interview
  • Serious Inquiries ONLY
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