Life Abundance and Why this is the ONLY food treats etc I will EVER feed!! 

  • Formulated by one of the TOP holistic vets in the country, 
  • Ingredients TESTED  before put in the food.. 
  • Made in USA 
  • Shipped FRESH Directly to your Door,Never sits in warehouse or Back of store 
  • NEVER a Recall, not to mention they have a way to contact you if there was ever anything questionable ,, and they WILL call you ,,, They will NOT wait until dogs die from tainted food as other companies will do, as we have seen too much of this in the past few Years,, 

I will NEVER Feed another Store bought food again,,or treats for that matter!
 I Do NOT  care about those cute commercials or how great they "SAY" their food is, I Now Know better,, 

GET Informed,, Watch the videos..
the top video  is the best  ,, listen to the audios,   

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I am so upset with all the dog food recalls, 
Now most recently Blue Buffalo, 
I am so mad i could spit

FOLKS, i challenge you to go here 
and Watch this video,, 

If you care one small bit about your pet, 
I hope you will get your pets on this food ASAP

We have been using this food for over 7yrs!!!

My dogs are the healthiest they have ever been ..... 
They have NEVER had a recall, and stand behind their food 100%,, money back guarantee with a actual way to get a hold of you before dogs die!!!
It is formulated by one of the TOP Holictic vet in the country 
Watch the videos especially the top one, 
there are audios and videos that will actually 
Educate you on what goes in to food and what they are for,, 

Learn as much as you can to make a educated decision 
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